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The first time you visit the Website, through the banner published on it, we warn you of the use of non-exempt cookies, we identify the main purposes of said cookies together with those responsible people for its use and installation; and finally, we point out the fact that if you continue browsing on this website, we consider you accept its use.

Additionally, LA QUINTA has developed this Cookies Policy with the purpose of providing further details concerning the information appearing on the informative initial banner. We inform you about what a cookie is, the type of cookies used on the website and how to manage them in accordance with your browser features and the device used for browsing on the website (PC, Portable , Tablet, Smartphone , ect).

We remind you that this Cookies Policy is permanently published on the bottom of the Website, in case the user wishes to consult it in the future visits.

Lastly, we take this opportunity to remind you the fact that navigating or logging in the Website, if appropriate, shall be considered as the consent has been given for the installation of those reported cookies, unless you have modified your browser configuration for other purposes. In all cases, the users can modify at any time the browser configuration according to their preferences.

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1. ¿What are cookies?

A  cookie  is a data file which is downloaded on the terminal from which the user accesses to the web page (whether it is a Computer,  Smartphone or Tablet) and that allows the holder of said page to store or recover particular information concerning multiples variables, for example; the number of times that the webpage has been visited by the user, the identification of the users registered, the guarantee of the user’s  session during the navigation time on the website, the security and stability of the operations performed on the webpage etc.


2. Type of cookies

After that, we provide information about the different type of cookie used on our website:

2.1. Depending on the entity which manages them

Depending on the entity which manages the domain from where the cookies are sent and the entity which processes the data obtained, we can make a distinction between:

Own Cookies: are those cookies which are sent to the user’s terminal device from the domain, and managed by LA QUINTA as the Webpage editor.

Third-parties Cookies: those cookies which are sent to the user’s terminal device from a device or domain which is not managed by the editor, but it is managed by other entity.  On our website, there are cookies sent from third- parties’ domains, such as,,, and

2.2. Depending on the period of time that they remain activated on the terminal device

Session Cookies: These types of cookies are designed for the collection and storage of data while the user accesses to the website.  As its own name indicates, these cookies are stored in the user’s terminal until the user’s browsing session finishes.

Permanent Cookies: These types of cookies are those cookies where the data continue stored in the device and they can be accessed and processed during a period of time determined by the responsible person for that cookie, this period can range from several minutes to years.

2.3. Depending on their purpose

Technical Cookies: These cookies allows the user to browse through the web page and to use the different options and services contained , such as for example, to control the data traffic and communications, to identify the session, to access to restricted access areas, to execute the registration or participation  in an event or promotion, to use safety elements during the browsing time, to store contents for the videos and sounds diffusion, to share contents and to remember the user’s preferences  with regard to the cookies. 

Analytic Cookies: these cookies are designed and used for the monitoring and analysis of the user’s behaviour patterns. This type of cookies offers the website’s holder the measure of the activity developed on the web site through the aggregate and statistical information.  On  analytic, permanent and session cookies are used for this purpose. Particularly, cookies from Google Analytics which have different deadlines depending on the information offered by them.

For further information:

It is possible to disable this type of cookies use through:

Advertising Cookies: this type of cookies allows the management of the advertising spaces which can be seen by the user. With this purpose, on, DoubleClick permanent cookies are used (Advertising platform of Google Inc). These cookies provide the possibility of placing advertisements based on that relevant content for a particular user, helps to improve the profitability report of companies and they avoid showing advertisements which have been already seen by the user.

For further information:

Information concerning Doubleclick Cookies

Information concerning Advertising Cookies of Google

It is possible to disable this type of cookies through:

Disable page of Network Advertising Initiative

Disable page of  DoubleClick

For greater clarity concerning the information provided, we subsequently include a summary table:

P= Persistent





  P P P


3. Who use the cookies?

The information collected through the cookies downloaded from the domain, is used by the holder of the web site LA QUINTA.

Other third-parties as Google Inc., access to the information collected by the cookies managed from their domains,,, For further information, we recommend to access to the links provided for those purposes.


4. Cookies management

Taking into account the information provided in this Cookies Policy, we subsequently provide information on how to execute the management of the cookies used in through  the different options  offered by the most common  browsers (Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android, Windows phone y Blackberry).

The user shall be informed upon the fact that if the installation of all the cookies is not carried out on the Webpage, some of its functionalities and contents can be affected. 

All the browsers offer the user the possibility of managing the cookies installed by a particular website, of obtaining information concerning its duration and the possibility of disabling, limiting, blocking and deleting them.

The user shall modify the browser configuration used on the corresponding device, whether it is a computer, smartphone or tablet. With general nature, the browsers offer the following configuration options concerning the cookies installation:

  • That the browser rejects all the cookies and therefore no cookies from web pages are installed on the user’s device.
  • That the browser inform the user before the installation of the cookie so that users can decide if they accepts or nor that installation.
  • That the browser exclusively rejects those cookies from third parties of those websites which the user visits but not those cookies used by the website in which the user navigates.
  • The navigation option in private mode, by which the cookies are installed in the device but they are automatically deleted when thebrowsing on the web page finishes:

Subsequently, the corresponding links to the information referred to the management of cookies provided by the main browsers, appear:

.-Internet Explorer™:

Version 5:

Version 6:

Version 7 and 8:

Version 9:






.-Windows Phone: