Communities Management

Why was created this area?

As vocational promoters, we want the projects to be kept in perfect condition in all aspects - aesthetics, gardening and general maintenance - keeping control over its financial optimization, in order to make sure your property keeps it high standards.

As everyone knows the buildings’ life cycle is directly related to their maintenance condition, in this sense La Quinta Administracion, SL has chosen a good team dedicated to communities, reinforcing the conservation action.

Who are we?

Francisco Alvarez Mora, economist, and Luis Barbara Burgos, technical architect. Both with recognized professional qualities, we give added value to the communities by providing our technicians both with administration and maintenance knowledge. But obviously this circle of control and management would not be complete without the contribution of both internal and external workforce that forms the team of La Quinta (legal and tax advice, city-planning, etc.) that supports our work in achieving our objective, i.e. stand out in the market and be a reference in it.

What do we offer?

Our experience in property development, capabilities and communication with other areas of the company - real estate, technical department, rentals, resales, internet, fiber optic, telephone, delinquency management and general services - makes us different from our competitors, providing adequate service management with global vision and without losing any details of the needs that each community has.

We are accessible and are available to all owners and the Community Board, with a 24 hour emergency phone. To ensure proper functioning of the Community, we offer the best service at competitive prices.

What are our goals?

We manage and advise; you decide. Our philosophy is that the Administrator should be responsible for all matters within the Community, following the guidelines established by the General Assembly of Owners and the instructions marked by its President, together with the advice of the Committee members.

We are convinced that our customers should enjoy their homes while their investment is revalued.

Would you like us to help you with the administration of your community?

It will be a pleasure for us to advise you as to how to manage your community. We are at your disposal for any questions. Visit us at La Quinta or call us at +34 675 779 809 or write to the e-mail